After the Party

Walking down the street of tees, in a small growing town where my university was located, I heard a quacking sound by the bush side; i turned left and right, i saw nothing. I fastened my steps but as i walked faster, it all seemed as if I had made no effort at all because the distance I had to cover was so much. I walked and walked, breathing faster and faster, praying silently for safety. The half moon was shinning mildly and perfectly on my path that it hid my vision from seeing well through the bush.

My mind started racing, from the moment i accepted to go to the student’s final year party of my roommate, Helen; who later lounged there that night, to the events that occurred at the party. While my mind was flashing back, my legs were steadily doing what they were best at doing.

I quickly recalled a young fair tall guy who walked up to me while i was about leaving the party around 12:30am and said ‘a drink for the road?’ Handing me a short transparent glass cup of alcoholic wine which was dark red in colour. In response, i smiled mildly and said ‘not really the drink type’. Knowing fully well I had to walk a couple of distance before i get to my hostel. He smiled warmly and said,

‘well in that case, may i have the honour to walk you to your hostel gate?’

His English accent was so good that I almost fell under his soft and loving words of care. In a very polite way I said slowly not trying to push him away and yet not trying to easily accept.

‘You don’t need to…’

‘…Michael! Michael is my name’ Quickly interrupting me with a dense manly voice that quickly cleared my eye and head from any form of romance that had started beclouding my thinking.

At that point, I couldn’t fathom how a nice well mannered handsomely tall guy would have two different voices within two minutes. Still dazzled, I responded politely but firmly

‘I’m Susan. Michael, nice meeting you. I need to be going’

As I backed him, facing the exist door, I heard him reply in a frustrated manner

‘a pretty girl like you should really be scared of what the bush can produce at this hour of the night’

Michael said in a thickly pitched voice almost sounding close to my right ear. Without responding, i left.

Is it what Michael said that is trying to play a trick with my head or that i really heard quacking sound in the bush? I listened carefully again for the sound while still walking fast without looking back.

Every moment drained up a fraction of my blood. Thoughts came racing through my mind; shout ‘Help! Help!!’, ‘Start running without looking back’ a second thought came; but how far can i run from a wild animal when I’m not even good in running. Why shouting help! When i can’t even see anything or anybody around.

While my mind was racing, my eyes brought me back to consciousness when a bright light shined directly into my eyes. I immediately closed them and unconsciously shouted ‘Help!’ Quickly removing my face away from the light and blinking them, I took to my heels only to discover that i was already approaching my hostel gate.

The security man who shined the touch light on me asked eagerly ‘what is the problem…why did u shout? Who is chasing you?’

‘Nothing sir, you almost scared me. I’m sorry’ I quietly said in a relieved tone.

Once I crossed the gate, I rushed quickly into my room, locked the door, thanked God for safety; rushed into the bathroom for a nice shower as a result of my profuse sweating after the long brisk heart-fainting walk.

©Ekene Balmybreeze Okeke (2018)

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  1. Chuka Valentine says:

    Thought provoking write up. Ride on Balmybreeze

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  2. Nancy says:

    Wow.. Keep it up.

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    1. Thanks a lot…
      Do well to subscribe


  3. Pacem says:

    This is amazing. I will like to read more of this kind.

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    1. Thanks for the comment! Lots more are coming… Do well to subscribe.


  4. Ifeanyi Ezeli says:

    Nice write up 👌🏻


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