The Dynamic Stage

In this dynamic world of ours
The needs of many varies
Some love poetry, some others articles
Some love drama, some others short stories

The audience is large
The hall is set; everyone with a badge
Talk to your audience with relevance
Hence, you would be left in an avalanche of violence

The people are sited with open hearts
Talk to them according to their tags
Else you make the fool in you sing songs

Step by step lead them from their positions
To your own comfort zone of expressions
Where you can air your points
Without the fear of violence.

©Ekene Balmybreeze Okeke (2018)

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  1. Thought for Change says:


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  2. Chuka Valentine says:

    Yes, individuality preference first. Then from the known to the unknown.

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    1. Yea… Thanks a lot for the comment & contribution. Do well to subscribe via email


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