Theme: Right to Health – Making it Happen

We, the Medical & Health CDS group (NYSC) in collaboration with the Reproductive Health CDS group (NYSC) and ADSACA started the world AIDS day in Jimeta, Adamawa state on Thursday with the HIV test screening of over one hundred and seventy persons in the community of Luggare at Jimeta; other groups went into other communities in Jimeta like the Bachure, Kawera etc, with the same aim of reaching out to large number of persons alongside with comprehensive lecture and medical counseling.


Saturday (1st Dec, 2018 – marking the World AIDS day), kicked off with a Jimeta walk; starting at about 9:30am with an estimated number of over eighty persons representing different bodies, groups and NGOs. We kicked off the ‘Jimeta-Walk’ from ADSACA (Adamawa State Agency for the Control of HIV/AIDS).

Taking our route off Specialist Hospital main gate, down to police roundabout, to Jimeta market through spy and bank road and back to Specialist Hospital via Mustapha Mohammad way. The walk lasted for two hours fifteen minutese

After the walk, we assembled back at ADSACA where we earlier took off. On settling down, we had refreshments and speeches from heads of some bodies which includes: SACA, UN, representative of the Medical & Health CDS (NYSC), iVolunteer Naija etc. Lots of other volunteers where also present – The Niger Volunteers, Janna Health Foundation, Reproductive Health CDS (NYSC), Save One Million Lives Programme for Results etc.

PASSION + SKILLS = Changing Lives

We spread the message not the virus

The representative of the United Nation High Commissioner on refugee by name Barr. Asmawo started by saying “Share the message….” As the floor responded “Not the virus”. She encourages and reminds us of our role in protecting the affected people by encouraging them to live a positive life, attend medical appointment schedule and in taking their drugs regularly.

” The world AIDS day is an annual event…that forms part of the 16 days of activism which commences from 25th Nov. (Marking the international day for the elimination of violence against women…) until 10th Dec. (That ends the event with the international women right day)…..”

She ended by saying a big thank you to the government of Adamawa state for their support, the humanitarian communities, the State AID Control Agency (SACA), for marking the event in a remarkable way. Also thanked where the chairpersons of the Protection Sector Working Group I.e. The State Ministry for Women Affairs and Social Development & all that always collaborate with UNHCR. She admonished us to end stigmatization in all levels.

Also called upon was the chairman LACA. He started by informing us about the role LACA plays in the community and encourages other bodies and NGOs to always carry them along in all their programs; reasons wing that they would help and direct the bodies in other to have a successful work/program.

“LACAs are the administrators of HIV in the local government; they oversee all the activities in the local government, coordinate, provide, enforces and reevaluate all the activities….”

Also, he appreciated the Primary Healthcare Agency.

Supportive Bodies for the Program include:


SOMLPforR, {Save One Million Lives Programme for Results}


BOWDI {Borno Women Development Initiative}

FIDA Nigeria {Federacion International De Abegadas}

National Human Right Commission

SAHEI {Sanitation and Hygiene Education Initiative}

AIPD {Action Initiative for Peace and Development}


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  1. Afoma Agwuncha says:

    Well articulated report. Kudos to you all for contributing your quota. Thank God for the fruits of the rally & entire exercise.
    #saving lives#

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