According to Cambridge Dictionary, Article means a piece of writing on a particular subject in a newspaper or magazine, or on the internet. Couple of others has defined article too; of which some defined it as  a piece of writing other than fiction or poetry that forms a separate part of a publication (as a magazine or newspaper).

We can’t say much to disapprove these definitions because they are absolutely correct in there special ways; However, we would rather in-cooperate certain terms in the definition of article.  Article is a prose-like write-up that describes a person or thing (without the use of chapters); which is published/displayed in a magazine, internet, journal, newspaper etc. 

We classified our Articles in three categories;

  1. Nature
  2. Health
  3. Short stories
  • Nature: This category involves Articles about Fashions, Wealth, Natural environment and every other thing expect Health.
  • Health: This category involves articles about Health, how to live and eat healthy and exercise.
  • Short stories: This category is all about short stories.