Inspirational Quotes

There are lots of Inspirational Quotes on different sites that are wonderful. Inspiration is that substance(s) we all need to visualize a goal/aim while Motivation is the driving force/fuel we need to acquire that visualized goal/aim that we have been inspired to achieve. Hence, an inspiration is dead and useless without a potential motivation to back it up.

Therefore, I would say, we all need inspiration as much as we need motivation. On personal research, I discovered that there are no much writings about the difference between Inspiration and Motivation; which seems to leave lots of persons in the dark shades of the night to roam about blindly; Hence, dream fulfillment has been limited despite the million Inspirational Quotes and lots of Motivational Books out there for our various consumption.

Also, many of us might be too busy to patiently room volumes of books with 250-500 pages just to get motivated; Hence, Balmy Writers’ Inspirational Tip is here to not only give inspirational quotes, picture quotes and inspiration short story but also to summarize books that would aid in easy understanding and for Time-saving.

In Summary,

We categorized Inspirational Tips in three;

  1. Inspirational Quotes
  2. Picture Quotes
  3. Book Reviews