Generally, everyone have various definition of the term ‘Poetry’. Some say it is a type of literature based on the interplay of words and rhythm; It often employs rhyme and meter. Some others say it is a style of writing that uses a formal organization and that is often divided up into lines or stanzas.

Certainly, these definitions can’t be disputed; but personal, Poetry is the language of the soul written down in rhythmic patterns in form of stanzas which at times has or might not have a rhyme. It is the best way the soul can cry out and speak up. Poetry adds colour and special meaning to a particular subject.

In the site, we personally classified/arranged the poems into three forms:

  1. The Nature Poems
  2. The Love Poems and
  3. The Personal Poems
  • The Nature Poems: These are poems describing natural things, things we can see and relate to in the world. It could be Trees, flowers, garden etc. It could also relate to a country’s unity and peace; or war and disaster.
  • The Love Poems: These are poems describing anything related to love. A love a mother shares for her child or a love a man feels for a woman or visa Vera; It could even be a lost love. In general, it refers to a love for another human being. (Note: Love related to anything nature would not be posted in this category but in the category of ‘Nature Poems’).
  • The Personal Love: These are poems describing my personal feelings that relates with my interactions with individuals and conversation with a person.

The Last category i didn’t talk about is the ‘INTRO‘. The INTRO is just a category for an introductory speech in form of a poem to welcome new visitors to the site. (It might soon be ruled out to form a Home Page).