My Greatest Fear I

A pal of mine Asked me yesterday ‘What’s your greatest fear’ I was taken aback B’cos he was the second person In the whole Earth to ask me that question I recalled, the first people received a false answer But told the second person yesterday The Truth! My greatest fear Is something i can’t control…

The Dying Love

Always Appreciate the People Around You. ©Ekene Balmybreeze Okeke (2018)

The Importance of Being Earnest

The word being earnest in my own definition means ‘purposeful’, ‘passionate’ etc. Being earnest or passionate about whatsoever you do would lead you to heights you wouldn’t imagine. Being earnest entails staying focused and determined. Imagine this: A boy was told by his Aunt whom he had lived with for fifteen years that his parent…

After the Party

Walking down the street of tees, in a small growing town where my university was located, I heard a quacking sound by the bush side; i turned left and right, i saw nothing. I fastened my steps but as i walked faster, it all seemed as if I had made no effort at all because…

The Bad Side of War

My country Nigeria in particular is tending towards the main subject of this poem -war! Could it be inevitable? or Could it be avoided? This poem is to bring to light the effect and aftermath of war and Its bad side. I believe it could be avoided if only we change by loving ourselves and caring for one another. Say NO to tribalism. We are one, one Nigeria, one People, one Voice. Together, we stand and grow; Divided, we fall. Peace!!!